Practice Areas Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Collisions Pedestrian and Bicyclist Incidents Slip & Falls/ Trip & Falls Hotel & Casino Injuries Funeral Home Negligence Dog Bites Legal Malpractice

Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Collisions

Big or small, all motor vehicle collisions are a huge deal.Even a minor “fender bender” can turn your life upside down. It can be hard to know what to do about the damage to your vehicle and injuries to yourself and your family. It is always best to consult with a licensed attorney who can advise you on the best course of action for your unique situation.

Pedestrian and Bicyclist Incidents

When a motor vehicle strikes a pedestrian or bicyclist, the outcome is never good. Injuries can be serious, life threatening, or fatal. These types of incidents are especially traumatic for the victim and even more so if the victim is blamed for causing the incident. Make sure you know all of your rights by consulting with a licensed attorney.

Slip & Falls/ Trip & Falls

Slip and fall, and trip and fall injuries occur when a business or other premises allows a hazardous condition to go unchecked. It is important to retain an attorney as soon as possible so that critical evidence is preserved and not lost by the premises owner.

Funeral Home Negligence

Funeral homes offer the sacred service of caring for your loved ones physical remains after they pass on. But what happens when the funeral home does something wrong to your loved one’s remains? VIP Law is here to help and give you peace of mind in difficult circumstances.

Hotel & Casino Injuries

From overzealous security guards to escaped exotic animals, the variety of ways someone can get injured at a hotel or casino in Las Vegas is endless. If you were hurt or injured in a hotel or casino, it is important to retain an attorney who understands the unique perils found at these establishments.

Dog Bites

Even “minor” dog bites can cause serious infection or permanent scarring. Dog bites can result in the development of a strong phobia of dogs, especially in children. You may know the dog and its owner and do not know what to do after you or your child was bitten. Talk to an attorney in confidence so you know all of your rights and options.

Legal Malpractice

When your attorney breaks your trust, it can seem impossible to know where to turn. VIP Law is not afraid to hold other legal professionals accountable.

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